How to Make Apple Wine for Samhain and It’s Uses in Ritual and Spellwork

The Magick of Wine A merry-making nectar believed to be divine and worthy of the gods, wine has been used in spiritual ceremonies of all kinds for thousands of years. In Gardnerian Wica, there exists a rite called Cakes and Ale (also referred to as “Cakes and Wine” by Gardener); a part of ritual when … More How to Make Apple Wine for Samhain and It’s Uses in Ritual and Spellwork

What Tarot Cards Do I Use? Shadowscapes Tarot Review

Inspired by the traditional Rider-Waite deck, the absolutely beautiful tarot cards I use were made by watercolor artist Stephanie Law, The Shadowscapes Tarot. The deck that I bought came with a pocket-sized guide that was co-written by Barbara Moore. It includes a brief interpretation of each card and a few detailed spreads. You could also … More What Tarot Cards Do I Use? Shadowscapes Tarot Review

Tarot Reading For M.D.

Question: Will we ever talk again? Spread: 4 Card   Ten of Cups Good Balance, union, and flow. Ultimate happiness and contentment.         Three of Pentacles (In Reversed Position) Imbalance, Unable to work together to reach a goal.   The Hierophant  (In Reversed Position) Both sides agree on the outcome/relationship. A possibility … More Tarot Reading For M.D.

Tarot Reading for R.B.

Question: Is it meant to be? Does she love me? Is it over? Spread: 3 Card   Queen of Wands This card indicates a strong female, she is outgoing, upbeat and cheerful, confident, and dedicated. Can handle herself anyone/thing.   The High Priestess (In Reversed Position) Imbalance, especially in a relationship. Disinformation, skeptical about honesty, bad judgment, … More Tarot Reading for R.B.

Tarot Reading For A.S.

Question: What should I do to ensure that I have an awesome 2018? Spread: 4 Card / Message from the Universe Five of Pentacles (In Reversed Position) Indicates longing, monetary selfishness, the potential to receive a (possibly monetary) reward for help that you’ve offered in the past, and debt relief.   King of Pentacles (In Reversed Position) Indicates … More Tarot Reading For A.S.

Tarot Reading For A.R.

Question: Will my ex and I get back together? Spread: 3 Card Knight of Cups This Knight indicates entering a new, rejuvenating/exciting relationship, and following one’s dreams, honesty, and faithfulness. The Moon Generally a warning card, suggesting that there is deception surrounding the subject. Illusions, inner conflict, and unforeseen danger of being hurt emotionally in … More Tarot Reading For A.R.

Tarot Reading For S.H.

Question: How will my year go? Spread: 4 Card / Message from the Universe The Wheel of Fortune Fortune and prosperity are coming your way. In this case, it could mean monetarily or medically/your overall health. Tow of Cups The harmony card. Indicates balance, union, and resolving conflicts. Balanced relationships of all kinds. Eight of … More Tarot Reading For S.H.